Dr. Damian Valles

Associate Professor at Texas State University

Dr Damian Valles is an Assistant Professor for the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University. He focuses on High-Performance Computing (HPC), Machine Learning (ML), and Embedded System implementations under the High-Performance Engineering (HiPE) research group. Dr. Valles received his B.S., M.S, and PhD. from The University of Texas at El Paso from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, focusing on Reconfigurable Processors and HPC research. Dr. Valles did a post-doc at Montana Tech as the HPC Application Scientist under the Computer Science department. He also worked as an HPC System Administrator in the Information Systems department and an adjunct position in the Computer Science department at Wake Forest University. He is currently a member of IEEE, ACM, ACM's SIGHPC, and SHPE.

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Artificial Intelligence

Damian Valles | Assistant Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering Program at Texas State University